The Focus of Build Your Career Bootcamp

  1. Set Your Career and Life Goals

    See how your career relates to the stages of your life and can help you achieve lifelong goals.
  2. Navigate Career Transitions

    Successfully manage changes in your career by networking like a pro, finding a mentor or getting another degree.

Build Your Career Schedule

  • day 1 - 2

    Your Career and Your Life:

    See how your career relates to the stages of your life; create financial goals for yourself and a plan to achieve them.
  • day 3 - 4

    Thrive at Work:

    Start earning more and stand out on the job by mastering your duties and shining in group settings.
  • day 5 - 6

    Impress Your Colleagues:

    Improve your communication skills and learn how to polish your image.
  • day 7

    Build Connections:

    Learn how to network and develop mentoring relationships that will help you throughout your career.
  • day 8 - 9

    Manage Transitions Successfully:

    Assess whether it's time for a change and if graduate school could be right for you.
  • day 10


    Finish up with a quiz, a commitment to your career priorities and our survey. And then, get more from LearnVest!

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