Why A Budget Is Your First Step

  1. The B Word: Why It's Worth It
  2. Lesson 1: The Money In Your Life
  3. The LV Challenge: 50/20/30
  4. Lesson 2: Your Earnings
  5. Assessment: Get Started
  6. The Truth About Your Paycheck
  7. Lesson 3: Your Necessary Expenses
  8. Needs vs. Wants
  9. Your Budget Breakdown
  10. Lesson 4: Your Savings
  11. Rule of Thumb: Dealing With Debt
  12. Lesson 5: Your Discretionary Expenses
  13. Tips To Keep You On Track
  14. Your Must-Do List
  15. Resources We Love
  16. Summary

Your Budget Breakdown

How Does Your
Budget Break Down?

Your Monthly Income:
Your Essential Expenses:
Your Financial Priorities:
Credit Card Debt Repayment
Other Debt Repayment
Retirement Savings
401(k) Contribution
Other retirement contributions (IRA)
Emergency Fund Savings
Your Lifestyle Choices
Child Care
Cell Phone
Cable Internet
Personal Care

LV Recommended Breakdown:

Your Breakdown:

Your expenses exceed your income.
Please adjust your budget.

This tool is for illustrative and educational purposes only. You should speak to a financial professional before making any big decisions.