Day 1 The Flow of Money



Welcome to Take Control Bootcamp! In these two weeks, we’ll take stock of where you are with your finances and help you figure out where you want to go. The first week will be devoted to assessing your current financial picture and spending habits. The second week, we’ll help you dream up some smart financial goals and work out a plan to transform them into reality. By the end of these two weeks, you’ll feel in charge of your finances, and your money will be on the road to supporting the life you want.

An Easy Way to Log Your Spending

Before we get started, we want to make sure you’re set up and ready to take full advantage of this bootcamp. That means logging your spending, seeing where you’ve been spending for the past few months, and being able to create and track financial goals. There’s something to be said for keeping receipts and a classic little notebook. But things have a tendency to be lost or miswritten, and frankly, it’s just a lot of work and math. Who has the time?

An easy way to log your spending is through our Money Center. You connect your accounts (don’t worry–LearnVest has bank-level security and no ability to move money in and out of accounts) and each transaction is automatically logged for you.

You’ll be able to see every credit card transaction, all your savings transfers, each of your paychecks and every ATM withdrawal. Plus, you can enter all your cash transactions and–best of all–set your savings goals. Now, no more excuses! You will know where every penny goes and can start saving today.

The Money Center is also key to completing many of the tasks in this bootcamp. If you haven’t connected your accounts yet, do so here.

Now you’re prepared to take control of your money! To start, we’ll take a look today at some basic ways of gauging the current state of your finances.


  • Tyriq


  • aliki

    I just don’t spend money I don’t have. I am pretty frugal most of the time, and I spend even less when I have car repairs or other big expenses. Yes, I use a credit card, but I pay in full every month. I hate to pay interest.

  • Lauren Beasley

    YNAB has really helped me keep track of all my finances and helped me to not spend more than I have.

  • Meka

    I usually collect my receipts and log into my memo app anything I spend that I did not get a receipt for. And Learnvest has been helping me out a lot lately. :) But I’m also going to look into these budget apps everyone is talking about.

  • Jeffrey Edson

    I use good old paper and pen, and do what i call financial mapping. I search for the points that stand out and try to find connection on spending habits.

  • Muhammed Rajeef M K

    I use Andromoney (android app) for tracking expenses based on categories