Day 3 Decision Time: To Buy or Not to Buy

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Take a look again at the pile of clothing you never wear. On your sheet, write down how much each item cost you. Don’t try to pretty up the financial picture by low-balling your estimates if you don’t remember the exact figure. Though you don’t have to be exact down to the dollar, dig out your credit card statements and receipts if you really don’t have any clue how much an item cost. Once you have realistic numbers (within $10 for any you don’t remember), take out a calculator and find out the total amount of money you’ve spent on clothing you never wear.

This might not be fun, but don’t worry; we’re about to cure you of this wasteful habit (which afflicts many, not just you). In the calculator below, make a guess as to how much you spend on clothing you never wear per month and enter that figure. Select “monthly” and find out what else you could have bought with the money you spend on clothing you never wear. While it might seem disheartening at first, immediately switch your mindset and think of all the things you’ll be able to buy in the future as long as you squelch this habit.

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Now that you’ve learned what good value is, appraised your closet and determined what treats you could afford if you got a better handle on your shopping habits, you have some newfound control over your money. Being in charge of your finances allows you to save on yet another precious commodity: time. Use this calculator to help you figure out at what price point it makes sense for you to outsource in order to save time.


  • Anonymous

    This calculator is amazing, but it miscalculates – I entered $100/month and its saying I spend $26,000/year…

    • Anonymous

      Hi ElliSteph,

      Thanks for letting us know about this bug! The calculator will be fixed January 1. Please stop by after that to use it when it’s working correctly!

      Thanks again,