Day 1 Your Style, Your Budget

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Welcome to the Priceless Style Bootcamp!

During these two weeks, you’ll learn how to look chic and charming without committing the greatest sin in style—being broke.

While style is, in many ways, about personal taste and expression, there are timeless rules you can follow to ensure that your dollar does the most it can for your look. In this bootcamp, you’ll learn:

  • How to shop within your budget and still get the look you want
  • What the essential wardrobe, accessory and beauty items are
  • How to make your style investments go the extra mile for you

You’ll never wonder again how style and beauty fit into your budget or what is worthy of your hard-earned money. By the end of this ten-day course, you’ll know how to make your bank balances and outfits look equally fabulous.

Style and Money

When it comes to personal finance literature, it always feels like style is a low priority. Financial advisors will wax on about the importance of saving for retirement, building an emergency fund, budgeting, filing taxes on time, getting proper insurance and even drier topics (all of which we cover with a little more flair at LearnVest, we hope).

While all those things are actually crucial to life, it somehow doesn’t feel that way when, for instance, you see that beautiful dress in the store window. The one that is impeccably designed, fits perfectly, makes you feel like a million bucks, and is perfect for that upcoming wedding/client lunch/dinner date/gala … the one that is ever-so-painfully just out of your budget.

Those are actually the hardest money decisions to make, the ones that turn your head in one direction and tug your heart in another, the ones that make you want to give in and say, “Can’t I just treat myself once in a while?”

The place where every tough decision begins is your budget.