Deep breath. This is the moment that you step onto the path of becoming debt-free. Over the next three days, we'll give you the tips you need to stay on that road and reach your goal.

Each day you will:

  • Learn useful tips and information to help you put your debt behind you
  • Accomplish a task that will get you closer to being debt-free
  • Get the resources you need to answer all your questions

Let's get you set up!

Get the Most Out of This Bootcamp15 Minutes

  1. Get Yourself Set Up

    The best part about paying down your debt is seeing your debts go down ... and your net worth go up. Connect your accounts now so you can start to get organized with everything in one place.

  2. See Your Spending Patterns

    Take a moment to categorize your transactions. Seeing an analysis of your spending will help you identify your bad habits and spending triggers and show you where you can cut in order to become debt-free.

    Categorize Your Transactions

Your Schedule

Day 1

25 minutes
Reassess: Get a Handle on Your Debt
Find out how much your debt is costing you.
Reassess: Get a Handle on Your Debt

Day 2

15 minutes
Revamp: Get on a Budget
Stop contributing to your debt today.
Revamp: Get on a Budget

Day 3

20 minutes
Reset: Get a Debt Payment Plan
Choose the plan that will work for you.
Reset: Get a Debt Payment Plan

Wrap Up

15 minutes
Wrap-Up & Review
Find out your next steps so you can stay on the path to becoming debt-free.
Wrap-Up & Review


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