Day 1 What Baby Will Cost You

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You’re having a baby … congratulations! This is probably the most exciting time of your life, though you may have a ton of questions. That’s why we’re here to help.

In this bootcamp we’ll take a look at how your baby will affect your finances—from your monthly budget to the total cost of raising your child ’til age 18. We’ll help you see how being a parent fits in with work, arming you with the right questions to ask your employer and helping you calculate whether or not you can afford to go part-time or even take a few years off.




You’ll also start planning for all your expenses, from setting up a stylish nursery that won’t put a dent in your bank balance to saving for college.

Today, we’ll get a bird’s eye view of how a baby will affect your overall finances, and then dig deeper to determine how your first-year expenses, specifically, might change.

To start, check out our infographic on how much the average, middle-income family spends to raise a child from birth to age 17:

In Step 2, we’ll take a closer look at what you can expect to spend in the first year of Baby’s life.


  • Guest

    I already own a home, so how will having a baby increase my housing cost?

    • Anonymous


      Thanks for your comment. The figure you see above is a national average and does not
      take into account your individual situation. Although you may not move into a bigger place, many other people probably move into bigger homes or apartments with more
      bedrooms in order to accommodate a new child.

      As you progress in the bootcamp, you’ll find out how a new baby will impact your personal financial situation, but in this first day, we’re just giving an overview of how it affects people’s finances generally.


  • Marcos

    I’m not having any more kids. 

  • Amber

    The transportation and housing shocked me the most. With the prices of gas these days, I believe the transportation figure. My kids are going to learn the importance of riding a bike. lol

  • Mrs. Miranda

    Childcare and education scared me and transportation.  Although, I shouldn’t be too alarmed with the transportation I live in NYC and it’s constantly being increased!

  • Jrece

    I never figured on that much for transportation! Good to know it’s far more than even healthcare.

  • Desiree

    I agree with Jrece…$30,000 for transportation? WOW

  • Sexyqueen30

    good to know this so i can explain that to my teenagers so they will think twice or triple of having a child now….it does cost a lot

  • Toyia

    Transportation surprised me

    • Ssmart4088

      And if the MTA (in NYC) cut out Student MetroCards, that estimate will be peanuts…yikes

  • Grandesmesanges1

    In NYC child care and education could be that amount per year.

  • Guest

    The housing shocked me. I don’t see why that would be so high? We already have a house and are paying our mortgage, it’s not going to increase when we have a baby.

    • AldenWicker

      Hi there,

      The figure you see above is based on a national average, because many people move into bigger homes or apartments with more bedrooms in order to accommodate a new child. Later in the bootcamp, you’ll find out how a new baby will impact your personal financial situation. But today we’re just giving an overview of how it affects people’s finances generally.Thanks for your comment!Alden

  • Alicia

    I think this is very zip code dependent! It would be nice for the budgeting to take that into consideration! I’m sure there are computer bots that can link up median income and expenses by zip code or at least by city or region or state! 

  • Katy Smommy2012

    We’re a young couple, and this is our first baby, I  had no idea what to expect but this is definitely an eye opener.

  • Ksizl

    Honestly these numbers seem low. I have a 15 year old and I spend at least $5000 a year on her All Star Sport, HS sports, and clothing shopping. Healthcare you’ve got to figure in braces and other orthodontics, as well as everything they need as they grow.

    A lot of people are shocked by transporation, but look at it this way.  Bigger/safer cars are often purchased when you have a baby. Also every time you travel on a plane you have an additional seat to pay for and another body on a vacation. Not to mention the oodles of gas you will pay for to cart your little prince or princess to Playdates, daycare, appts, activities, etc.

  • Ivon


  • Mae

    When it comes to children I don’t worry about the statistical figures. Having a child is a blessing, it’s not something you can put a price tag on. I have three children & my husband & I are able to provide for them. I have friends who want to have kids but worry if they can afford it…your priorities change, you stop buying that expensive bottle of wine & go buy diapers.

  • Nicole

    I actually am a little relieved; I thought it was going to be more than that!