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Anna Williams is an Assistant Editor at LearnVest. She graduated from New York University, where she majored in journalism and Italian. Previously, she has worked with, Harper’s Bazaar, Brides,, Cosmopolitan and The Foreign Policy Association. She lives in Brooklyn.

Posts by Anna Williams

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A new survey finds satisfaction with these service providers is at a seven-year low—with two of them coming in dead last. More

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The Only Loyalty Program You May Ever Need

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ROI Report: Which Colleges Produce the Best-Paid Grads?

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Survey Says: One-Third of Americans Headed for Financial Disaster

A report reveals 37% of people carry credit card debt that exceeds emergency savings. And one demo is particularly deep in debt. More

Gen Y Income Inequality: What It Takes to Be in the Millennial 1%

Data reveals that income inequality for this group is epic compared to other gens. Can you guess what top Millennial earners make? More

How Much Do You Really Need to Be in the Top 1%?

New data shows how much the richest Americans are pulling in state by state. Can you guess where the 1% makes under $250K? More

The U.S. Gets Its First Licensed Bitcoin Exchange

Coinbase’s first American exchange is backed by the NYSE. Could this herald widespread use of the digital currency? More

Mortgage Insurance Rates Take a Big Dip

The FHA is slashing the cost of mortgage insurance to just .85% of a loan’s value. Why it’s good news for first-time buyers. More