The Secret to Stress-Free Holiday Baking? One-Bowl Wonder Recipes


one bowl wonderHoliday stress.

For many of us, it’s unavoidable. Along with the celebrations comes the pressure to buy the perfect presents (and stick to a budget in the process), decorate your home and prepare extravagant meals—all in addition to your regular chores and obligations.

Something’s clearly got to give, and for some of us, that means serving a store-bought or box-mix dessert.

Luckily, cookbook author and Culinary Institute of America–trained pastry chef Yvonne Ruperti has a solution for time-pressed bakers who want to whip up from-scratch sweets: Go with just one bowl. In fact, that’s the premise behind her new book, “One Bowl Baking: Simple, From Scratch Recipes for Delicious Desserts.”

Just in time for the end-of-year rush, we sat down with Ruperti to discuss why she believes the satisfaction of executing simple recipes by hand isn’t just reserved for the pros—and how three easy recipes could make (not break) your spirit this holiday.

LearnVest: Your recipes use, at most, one bowl and no electric mixers. Do you lose anything from the simplification?

Ruperti: Nope. The only thing you lose are the extra dishes in the sink!

How much did your background influence this book?

My mother and my great grandmother had very little kitchen space, but they still put out a whole lot of food from scratch. Since I grew up around all of this great baking and cooking, I have many food memories. Some are of the foods themselves—such as the “sweet story cupcakes” that were based on a cake my great grandmother used to make—but also of the spaces in which they were prepared. I had an early appreciation for scratch baking—even though I have a few guilty pleasures!