Quiz: Would You Make a Better Boss Than Your Boss?

leadership quizI have a confession: I've had moments where I thought, "If I were the boss, I would do that differently." (Sorry boss, it's not personal, I swear.)

Everyone has silently second-guessed a boss's decision at sometime or another. But would you actually make a good leader, or are you just fooling yourself?

We came up with a quiz couched in the latest research to test your leadership mettle. If you pass with flying colors, congratulations—you should ask for a promotion! But if you don't, we've included advice on how to take your management skills to the next level, and along the way, make your team members like you a whole lot more.

Maybe you could send this to your boss and compare scores! Actually, don't do that—unless you're confident she would beat you.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/breakon1 Sharon Gilman

      I’ve thought on many occasions that I would make a better boss than my boss. But I think it’s kind of like parenting. Most people believe they are good parents (or will be in the future) and a lot of people disagree with how others raise their kids and think of how they would do it better.

    • Teez

      hmmm…a little shallow, but its only a quiz