8 Mistakes Not to Make on LinkedIn

mistakes not to make on linkedinWhat do you do with your LinkedIn profile?

Do you check it only every once in a while when a connection request comes through? Have you linked it to your Twitter account? Did you never quite remember to sign up in the first place?

As much as it's convenient to merge our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts into one large social networking experience, LinkedIn has a special designation: professional networking.

And there is a difference between professional and personal networking, according to LinkedIn Career Expert Nicole Williams: "I see the same mistakes over and over!"

And, on LinkedIn, those faux pas can damage your career.

In fact, data shows that LinkedIn is especially helpful when it comes to landing higher-paying jobs—"informal recruitment" is a favorite of hiring managers aiming to fill positions up there on the payscale.

So whether you're hunting for a new job, making the most of the one you have or just looking to learn about professional possibilities, avoid these eight big LinkedIn mistakes.

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  • Sharon

    A big point you missed: having TOO much information on your LinkedIn. If I see someone who lists every single tiny job, every tiny course, links to their Twitter, etc., I think they have too much time on their hands.

  • LVSquared

    Another biggie – “linking” with those who you would back if it came down to it.  I feel uncomfortable with some of the requests I’ve received because I DO know their work ethic.  Plus, I only want people who can clearly speak to my skills and back me up, if needed. Thank for the tips!

  • janet

    “I see older people who are worried about age discrimination use a photo of themselves in their 30s…”

    “HSN Beauty found that, when paging through LinkedIn profiles, 19% of recruiters look only at your profile picture.”

    See any correlation there? Only looking at profile pictures is an easy way to weed out whatever you don’t feel is desirable (i.e. discrimination). I don’t understand why a recruiter would base anything on looks except for that very reason.

     I do have a profile picture but I’m a 50-something, not-very-photogenic woman. Does that hurt my chances? I’m quite sure it does. Honestly, I’ve had a profile on LinkedIn since it started and it’s done nothing for me. I had to laugh when one of my contacts posted recently “Someone remind me why were here anyway.” Spot on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mt.thomas.9 Mt Thomas

    Ironic that there’s no “Share” button for LinkedIn for this article.

  • Laura Allen

    Lucy Learn Vest, You just reinforced what I think of LinkedIn. Although I am the hardest, most dedicated worker who does circles around a lot of the 20 & 30 year old women who have had everything handed to them.The person who you bonded with being a new Mom isn’t the person whose going to fill in for you when you need the time off for your baby being sick or little league when they are old enough. I am. I have worked since I was 15 and was hit by a drunk driver 15 minutes from work ending my career as a Flight Attendant. I have always worked for the Mothers who needed time off at every job but when it came down to me needing that same favor they aren’t giving up their time for you. LinkedIn seems to be a big 20 to 30′s way to get an “in” whether they qualify or not and socializing with HR isn’t anything new. Lets see when both Moms that bonded need the same time off for babies graduation etc.I wonder who will end up working that day. So you just advertised that you discriminated against someone who may not have been able to have children or like myself went threw fertility treatments. How would you like it if it was still all white males and they were still hiring all white males? Or you didn’t get the job because you didn’t bond over the fertility treatments and now the triplets I carried. I have been told by every company I ever worked for that I NEVER have complained until now when I need a job and due to my age I cant get one.I am the hardest worker they have had. I stay late come in early and if needed to come in on my day off and work for other people like you when there baby got sick. Its the other Mothers who wouldn’t give up anything. I always came in with a smile on my face and grateful to have a paycheck with my name on it knowing I did the BEST job I could. I have a great sense of humor and know a lot about the new bands and new technology of today since I sang and played guitar in rock bands professionally too. .