How Real Women Paid Off Debt

Gabrielle Karol

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Debt can often seem unconquerable. Whether you’re facing down student loans or a mountain of credit card bills, it can seem like you’ll never be able to pay off all of it–or even make a serious dent.

We get it. We do. And you’re not alone: According to a nationwide survey conducted by LearnVest and Chase Blueprint, almost one-third of men and women surveyed said credit card debt keeps them from reaching their financial goals.

What’s more, in the study, the average outstanding student loan debt totaled over $30,000.

While debt is no small matter, you can pay it down … with some hard work, a little ingenuity and, most importantly, a plan.

To show real women just like you who have succeeded at just that, we collected inspiring reader stories from LV Discussions and in articles, in which readers share their tales of overcoming the odds. We love the creative, smart methods they use, and the dedication they show.

If you want a more detailed debt plan tailored to your particular situation, check out LearnVest’s financial plans or speak to one of our CFPs®.

To protect our readers’ privacy, all names have been changed.


In February, I finally paid off all my credit card debt! At its highest point, it was about $10,000. Even more amazingly, I paid it off while moving from the Midwest, switching jobs and getting a divorce.

I got into debt while I was basically supporting my ex-husband, who in ten years never had a full-time job. While we made enough for groceries, anything besides that, like cigarettes (we were both smokers), traveling to visit my family in New York or going out to dinner, got put on the card. While I was always thrifty, my ex was a spender, so it all just slowly added up.

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We split up, and I moved to New York with about $2,000 in savings. I stayed with my family for a few months and sold my car to get an apartment, all while working remotely part-time. At this point, I was just paying off the minimums on my cards. When I got a regular job, I started paying off as much as I could afford, and as soon as I paid one down, I would put all that money toward a new card.

In the same week, I became debt-free and my divorce came through. Needless to say, it was pretty amazing! I’ve continued to be thrifty since becoming debt-free, and now I put all the money I was putting toward my cards to my retirement.


I paid off $28,000 in student loans and saved $11,000 in only three years. I’m single, so I gave away 75% of my things and moved into a house where I rented a small room. I was able to cut my expenses by $900 a month! I know it sounds crazy, but it was the most creative thing I could think of to pay off my debts quickly. Three years later, I’m back in my own apartment and still saving.

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My husband and I paid off $122,000 in debt in four years through the snowball method (paying off the smallest balance first and then the next smallest, etc.). If I had to give advice, I would say get a second job to increase your income! Wait tables, deliver pizza, freelance, clean houses, walk dogs—whatever it takes to get debt-free!


In 2010, I had $76,000 in student loan debt after two degrees. I have already paid off $56,000. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices, but it’s totally worth it now that the end is near! That said, it definitely hasn’t been easy. I work a day job in management at a non-profit: In 2010, I was making $62,000 a year, but now I’m earning $70,000 a year, plus a $4,000 annual bonus. It’s definitely a good salary, but I live in Washington, D.C., which is an expensive city.

To supplement my income and pay down my debt more quickly, I’ve gotten creative. I’ve babysat through SitterCity, participated in focus groups and done other odd jobs. I also moved to a less desirable neighborhood, cut cable, limited data on my phone and tracked all of my spending. Each month, I have been able to put around $2,000 toward my student loans.


I got into debt by spending more than I was making on things like clothing, nights out, eating out, drinking, cabs and health expenses. I didn’t have a budget. Also, I took a big trip to India that cost me $5,000, and I didn’t save up for it at all.

My debt was about $7,500. Two years ago, I got a budget and began sharply curtailing my spending and paying off my debt. I paid the credit card debt fairly quickly (within five months), aided by a Christmas gift from my parents. But I still had almost $20,000 in student loan debt, so I spent another year paying that off. I felt so much relief when I paid the credit card debt off, but the student loan amount was such a huge sum, I was in disbelief for a month. Now I love the feeling of building up savings instead of paying off past debts!


I paid off $55,000 in debt in about 5-6 years. How did I do it? I found a book on getting out of debt, read it and set up a plan to pay off my highest interest rate debt first. Once I paid it off, then I put the same amount toward the next debt, until finally my debts were gone.

To free up more money, I rented a room for $400 a month instead of paying about $800-900 for an apartment. Additionally, I cut back on “fun” spending: I didn’t take any vacations outside my immediate area, only ate out at restaurants a few times a year, etc. I rented that small room for four years, until I got married. At that point, we rented a one-bedroom for $800, so my rent could stay the same. All the while, my income kept increasing, which helped as well.

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In less than two years, I was able to pay off approximately $35,000 in loans. While I still owe about $53,000, I should be able to pay it all off in another two years.

How did I do it? Although I really wanted a job in politics, I realized I couldn’t make $25,000 or less a year and manage to pay my $525 a month in student loan payments. Instead, I got a job as a legal secretary at a big law firm, and worked at least 10 hours of overtime a week for three years. All the extra money I earned went to my debt. My interest rates were 11%, 7% and 3%; I had a combination of private and public loans.

I’ve been promoted twice at the firm and now have a pretty good job. My advice if you want to pay off your loans is to get the highest-paying job with overtime you can find, keep your cost of living low (I commute over an hour to work in each direction) and don’t count on anyone to bail you out. If you pay them off quickly, you can then be free to get your dream job by age 27 or so.


To pay off my debt, I would make multiple payments per month, regardless of the bill’s due date. If I felt like I had a spare $20, $50 or $100 in my bank account, I went ahead and made an online payment. It was so easy, and it was an instant confidence boost as I watched the balances decrease!


  • Nicoles

    I’ve been doing what Lisa did. And it’s working! Feeling great as my debt is disappearing!

  • Alyssa Weber

    This is all very inspiring. I recently paid off my credit card debt ($10,000 at it’s highest – very similar to Lindsay’s story), and it feels GREAT! Now, the only problem is my $22k student loans AND my car is about to kick the bucket. I have $8k saved for a down payment on a car, but it kills me to think of taking out a car loan. I live in Colorado where a dependable, AWD car is very important, and I know I need to take out at least a $10k car loan to get a quality car that will last me 10 years.
    Aside from that, I received a settlement from a malpractice suit when I was a baby on my 25th birthday this year, totaling about $70k. I am very tired of living with roommates, but rent for a one-bedroom is $1500+ per month. I have been considering using some of the settlement to buy a condo, but when I sit back and add it up…. car payment, student loan, mortgage… it is so overwhelming! Reading these women’s stories makes me feel like I should not take out any additional loans until my student loans are paid off, but I worry about my car’s reliability and know I would be much happier if I lived alone.

    The balancing act is so difficult. I am an electrical engineer and have a very stable career with a higher income than most people my age, and lots of room to move up. But even still, thinking about being in $232k debt is NOT  a good move…. any advice out there!?

    • Heather

       If you’re thinking you need to spend $18K on a car, you might want to rethink that!  I recently went the good but used route on a Subaru and am thrilled with it. It took me a while to find the car and the price I wanted, and it ended up being about 5 hours away from me, but the money I saved was very worth it!

    • Denvergal31

      If you have $70K in cash, pay everything off and you’ll still have enough for a down payment – condos are relatively inexpensive in Denver right now, but do your homework and make sure the HOA is in good shape and what your dues will include.  Car interest rates aren’t bad, but they’re nowhere near as good as home interest rates, so I’d buy a car with cash if you can manage – you’d be shocked at how many good deals there are on only slightly used cars, and if you’re paying cash, it’s a win/win.  Anyway, as a fellow Denverite, good luck and enjoy this fine CO fall we’re having!

      • Sheila

        I’d have to disagree.  Many car companies are offerring 0% financing so you’d be better off putting more money towards the condo than the car.  A 0% loan isn’t going to cost you any more, but interest on a condo would.  Plus if you are wanting a car to last 10 years you’d probably be better off buying new.  I guess it depends on how much you can afford to budget for a car payment.  $8K down is pretty significant so I’m sure you could still get a decent monthly payment with that.  I’m sure $60 towards a condo would significantly lower your payments.  Just remember that with home ownership comes other expenses so you might consider holding back some of that $70K in a savings account that’s easily accessable.  You can always make larger payments later towards something if you have the cash on hand.

    • nikki j

      If not taking out additional loans is very important to you, then I would encourage you to buy a slightly used car.  I am sure that you can find something that is dependable for 8k.  Research the internet and find a friend of family member that is knowledgable about cars.  I sell used cars and a lot of people would be shocked to know what good deals are out there if you know what you are looking for.

    • Mara

      Alyssa, I am also young and I make a higher income than people my age and I started my real job after gradschool with some credit card debt (about 8K).  I know it is hard because of the pressure we get often pushing us to upgrade our life style because we have a nice job but believe me it is worth it to get the things you want when you have the money in hand.  I got myself a subaru 2001 (forester) with 70,000 miles that I love! and it costed me about 5K (had to drive like 4 hours to get it)  and I am soooo glad I paid cash for it…its not a 2012 but it’s mine..not a loan.  Now I can put the money that I otherwise would be putting in a car payment and upgrade in a few years if I want to.  Yes…they give 0% financing in new cars but I don’t find it smart to get something that looses value so fast. I think getting in debt for a house/condo is more reasonable than for a car.  You can get a nice car with good planning and patience..something decent for now and something much better for later (by saving not borrowing).  Rent here in boston is also horribly expensive and if would have been just my choice I would have chosen a cheaper place to live so I could save a bit more before upgrading.  Just think about it hard..after all its your choice…but keep in mind that having peace of mind regarding finances is something you can achieve (thanks to your job and education) long as you plan and prioritize what is important to YOU not what everybody else believes.  

    • Nikki3689

      you can get a really good used car for $4,000. you shouldn’t spend all of that money on a car.

    • Reni

      If you are really unsure of what to do I would recommend going to see a financial advisor. These are all really overwhelming, big life decisions and having someone (who is emotionally unattached and an expert) to help you look through options would be worth the relatively small amount of money it would cost. I know personally that it is hard for me to make financial decisions without getting emotional (AKA scared because I’ve had some financial hiccups in my life) and talking to someone about it is always helpful. Good news is you have done your research and are cautious with your money! 

    • Carrie Pink

      If you have $70k cash… Buy a $10-15k car preferably as close to new as possible. Pay your student loans off in full and buy a inexpensive condo with a FHA 3% downpayment loan for first time homebuyers. That way you should still have an emergency fund left over!

    • Joanne P

      You can get a good used car reasonably priced.  The local library should have the consumer reports used car buying guide for 2012.  Also, when you get a new car, not only does the car depreciate as soon as you drive off the lot, but you pay additional for insurance because the car is brand new.  If you get a used car with a warranty still intact, you have the cheaper insurance for your car, as well as the warranty, and a car that should last for quite a while.  Many models are still running strong at $200,000 miles if they are well cared for, and a reliable model.

      • Jennifer

        I’m driving a 1991 bmw 7 series with 143 something mileage on it and still drives awesome! I have no car payments whatsoever and my insurance is cheap because I have a clean record with dmv…

    • MO

      I live in the Denver area and a 1BR/1BA rental in a nice neighborhood is around $800, probably around $100 more for utilities, etc. $1500 is expensive – you can find nice for much less. As for the car, I agree that you can get a very nice used AWD car for less than $18k.

    • MimiBanker

      Those strident loans likely have a variable rate that can go as high as 18%. I’d use part of the cash to pay those off first.

  • Alyssa Weber

    That is the tactic I used as well! And I paid off $10k in debt in less than a year! Keep at it and it will pay off :)

  • Engchik

    awesome!!! extra jobs, cooking at home- even buying bread, cheese and soup at target for a quick tasty meal is better than going to panera/wawa, etc and spending the same amt on half a sando and a cup of soup.

    • Jennifer

      I completely agree with you…I cook at home all the time and make my own sandwich and always just buy on sale…

  • Rae

    I have been really focusing on my credit card debt, which isn’t even that much, but I haven’t had credit card debt in years, so it’s been really discouraging (I was unemployed for six months). I am paying the minimum on everything else while I put like $700 toward my credit card each month, and then I put a little away for savings. Even if I feel like I come up short at the end of a pay period, I don’t touch my credit card. I’ll go into one of my savings account first. This way, I am sure I can start off the new year without any credit card debt, and I love imagining how good that will feel. 

  • Liz

    Sounds like being single (or newly single) has helped some of these women get on top of their debt. It can sometimes be hard to suppress unnecessary spending when you want to enjoy date nights with your spouse, or when you live with someone who convinces you that you deserve that new pair of shoes or a night out. Agh!

    • Amanda Trimble

      Totally agree. Haha

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    • Sami

      I agree with you about the being (newly) single.  Once my boyfriend and I ended things I moved out and instead of contributing $$ to his household expenses, I have straight rent so I am able to budget so much better.  I buy enough food just for me so nothing goes to waste, and I am slowly chipping away at my debt.

  • Liz Jones-Dilworth

    Paying off the debt with the highest interest rate first is working for me. I got LASIK surgery, which I could have afforded to pay for all at once, but they offered a credit card that accrued no interest during the first year. My payment was $450 per month. When that year was up, I immediately started putting the $450 toward a student loan and was able to pay it off in a couple of months. Now I’m putting the LASIK and the student loan payment together ($490) and paying off my car. What would have taken 3 years to pay will now be paid off in about 8 months. At that point, we can start putting over $1,000/month down on our last remaining student loan.

    Once I started applying extra payments to that first loan, the whole process of debt reduction became extremely addicting and empowering.

  • shantreks

    It sounds like most of the women featured do not have kids and are
    renting, so they have the flexibility to get a second job or to move to cheaper
    housing.  These are great stories and
    strategies for women in those situations, but not everyone has that kind of
    flexibility.  I feel fortunate that I
    have managed to stay on top of our debt, for the most part, but we do have
    student loans (about $18K) that seem like they haunt us forever.  We live in a very low-cost city so I have
    that going for me, but we are about to have 3 kids in daycare, which is a
    massive expense (more than my mortgage and utilities combined).  I guess the takeaway is to just start
    somewhere and chip away at it, don’t get discouraged, but it would be nice to
    see how some others who are stretched just as thin have done it.

    • PunkinsMama

      I was thinking the same thing while reading this.  They must be single and have no children.  I was doing so well with the snowball method of paying down my debt (credit cards $8,000 and student loans $22,000 after grad school).  I worked part-time at a hotel on weekends and holidays and felt good about the progress. Well, here comes a baby and 6 months on bedrest. We had to move to a larger place and then 6 months later his salary was cut drastically. I make minimum payments now and it feels terrible.  I applaud all of these women because it takes effort and willpower.  It was me a year ago.  But, things change.  I’ll be so happy when things turn around so I can get back on track.  I’m constantly reading up on tips to help but a second job, smaller living space, and longer commute wouldnt cut it for me.

  • lin

    This is inspiring (particularly the bits of advice regarding taking on extra work on the side), but also a bit depressing.  What if I really value  opportunities to travel abroad and eat out at interesting new restaurants?  What if I don’t want to be 30 + and living with roommates, scrimping to count every dollar, and avoiding fun activities that enrich my life?

    • Sheila

      Totally understand.  I’m in the same situation.  Although I’ll scrimp and save in some places, there are other areas where I won’t.  I believe you still have to live your life.  For example, I got the opportunity to go to Hawaii a few months ago.  Basically all I had to pay for was the airline ticket and anything extra I wanted to do or buy while I was there.  That’s an opportunity that I knew I wouldn’t get again.  Sometimes you just have to decide what’s most important to you. 

      • LeAnne

         Agreed.  Saving up all the money in the world doesn’t help if you’re dead.  I try to save my splurges for things that are really important to me like travel.

        I always say, “Plan like you’re going to live forever; live like you’re going to die tomorrow.”

    • dina

      take a look at how much you make and see if you can afford the lifestyle you want! if you can’t on your current salary, you could take a side job or look for a new job. you don’t have to live like a scrooge, and i don’t think that is what they’re suggesting in this article. i think it’s important to take stock of your biggest financial priorities and see how you can make those things happen, rather than complain about not being able to afford your lifestyle. for me at least, the sacrifice of having roommates or eating in is totally worth it! last year i was working part time at a nonprofit and then temping, and managed to save all the money i needed for a two week trip to asia last christmas. the short term peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunches were a small sacrifice to make.

    • Sara

      I guess it’s up to you on whether it’s more important to travel, eat out, live alone, etc than pay off your debt. Which gives you a bigger stomach ache: thinking about your debt, or thinking about not doing all the activities you mentioned? Whichever choice allows you to really enjoy your life, and I mean for the long term, might be your best choice.

    • LeAnne

       Then make more money.

    • Marissa

      I’m also in a similar situation, as a single woman in the city, I don’t want to feel like I’m sacrificing my life to payoff debt, plus I love to fly all over to visit friends and family or just take a long weekend away.  It was hard to find the balance to keep a social lifestyle while paying off my credit card debt.  You start getting creative about what you invite your friends to do and I did give up living alone.  I’m able to rent out the second bedroom of my apartment to lower the cost.  It’s a hard adjustment, I love living alone, but I keep thinking about the things I can continue doing because of that extra money while getting rid of my debt.

    • Briana Thrower

      I’m in the same position. I’m in my early 30s and I just broke up with my live-in boyfriend. So, in essence I lost my roommate. I have no desire to move to a small room again. I did that in my 20s and it’s very awkward. I toyed with the idea of moving somewhere to have a roommate but in actuality because of the area I live in, it was about the same price. I would end up saving only about $50. That’s not enough to give up my independence.

      I work 10-20 hours extra per week and try to eat cheaply & I’ve stopped going out. But I truly live a mundane life and posh vacations and those great restaurants/cultural events are what keep me going at my boring, stressful job.Just thinking of getting to splurge on something I will always remember is the best part of life.I won’t be able to go on another trip for a few years, but when I do, it will certainly be worth the sacrifice.

  • JenInBoston

    These are great and I wish I’d had LearnVest when I was 22…a long time ago. But these days, I’d really like to see stories from people who are supporting kids. I’m willing to live in a box-sized room with apartment mates but it’s not as feasible with a child in tow. Same goes for additional P/T or overtime work. I need parent-friendly strategies!  :-)

    As someone responsible for a child, I view not only any improvement in my *own* current financial status, but also any activity that will improve my child’s *future* financial status, as a success right now. 

    I don’t want to set my child on the same path I was put on (huge loans adding up from age 17, budgetary ignorance, career confusion–especially with regard to financial implications). I view this as part of my own financial responsibilities, and would like to see more from LearnVest on the topic. Thanks!

    • Carrie@LearnVest

      Hey Jen,
      Thanks for posting this. This is Carrie, the editor of LearnVest. I’m with you that I wish I’d had LV at 22, too. 

      Just wanted to tell you that we do want to represent women’s stories from all stages of life, whether young and single, raising kids, nearing retirement, etc. If there’s ever a specific story you’d like to read, email us at feedback@learnves:disqus 

      I also wanted to point our LV Moms newsletter, which is specifically for, well, Moms. It’s all stories aimed at helping you make better financial choices as a mom—and to teach you how to raise a money-savvy kid … who will have LearnVest when she’s 22, or maybe even 2!

  • gcola3

    This is inspiring. 

    I went to the LearnVest Live event and saw guest speaker Becca Wildsmith, who won the opportunity to attend and speak at the event by sharing her story of doing all the right things, including taking a $25,000 gift from her parents and choosing to save instead of using it for her wedding, and then being prepared financially when she found that she had cancer (now in remission.)   

    Becca’s story is great, the writing was exceptional and if you read it you will probably cry (I did!)  And although her story is uplifting, (survived cancer, has savings, married the love of her life,) THIS is what Learnvest is all about to me.  Learning good habits, learning how to take control, doing what is best for you.  Thank you for this article.  This means so much more to me that Becca’s “I was taught good habits by people with good habits and have always done the right thing” story.

    Great job, contributors. 

  • Guest

    We paid off $95K in debt in 7 years.  A lot of the debt was student loans.  We also had about $25K in credit cards from both using them to supplement our lifestyles in college (before we met) and a vehicle loan. 

    This was while we had 2 children, job changes and an across state move.  One of our children has autism, which comes with astronomical bills.  But we still did it!  I took a Crown Financial class and read Dave Ramsey.  The snowball effect really does work! 

    My husband was also able to find a job through the National Health Service Corp. that paid off all of his student loans in addition to a hefty salary in exchange for a two year work commitment.  It meant a move for the family, but it was a good financial choice for us.

    We are now debt free, except the house, and I was recently able to quit my job to be a full-time mom while my kids are still young.  Sure there were sacrifices, but I would do it all over again and more.  I’m now spending my days caring for my children and watching them grow. And I’m giving my kids a childhood where they get to play, sing, read, dance, bake, and explore with their mommy every day. 

    Less debt = more freedom for our family

    • gcola3

      So fantastic.  Congratulations.

  • Michelle H

    Any “real women” have experience with a WHOLE LOT of debt? I graduated from school three years ago with $140,000 dollars in student loan debt. (From 4 years/2 Bachelor’s degrees at an Ivy League school.) 

    I’ve been able to pay off about $10,000 of this debt over the last three years, but I have $0 savings. Between rent (Living around Washington, D.C. is EXPENSIVE!), bills, and student loan payments, 80% of my income is spoken for, which leaves very little money to eat on and pay for transportation and health costs. I need help! Or at least someone to tell me that it is possible to come out from this amazing amount of debt.


    • Amanda

       There are jobs out there that will help you pay your student loans.  My husband is a counselor and was able to go through the National Health Service Corp. to wipe out his loans. 

      There are other programs for other professions.  You can search online for “Student Loan Repayment Programs” or “Student Loan Forgiveness Programs”.  This will probably require a time commitment, but is definitely worth it to get the loans covered along with a salary and more job experience.

    • Jillalalala

      Hey Michelle! Be encouraged, it may seem like it will take many years (it usually does), but just pay off as much as you can soon as you can. I will receive my BA this spring, my loans will be around 50K. I am going to grad school afterwards and I anticipate it costing around 30K. Presently I have a decently paying internship but most (70-75%) of my budget goes to my rent. But every month until I graduate I am paying around $200 to cover my loans so I can start tackling them. 

  • Mara

    I finally paid off my credit card but then my family came to visit and for some reason when it is for other people I give myself a green light to spend money I don’t have (bad bad idea)…I am back in debt but not by much..I want to pay this up by January so this year I will not be buying too many christmas presents…I got pinterest so I can make crafty ones..

    • Carrie@LearnVest

      Hey Mara,
      Carrie here, the editor of LearnVest. You are so not alone in not wanting to overspend at the holidays. In fact, look for a story next month where we’re going to pick out the coolest DIY gift ideas out there and show you how to get crafty with ‘em (just in case you want more Pinterest inspiration.) 

      Oh, and coming up sooner, we’ll have a story on how to create a holiday budget you can actually stick to. 

      Good luck paying down that debt again. You did it once: I’m sure it will be gone in no time!

  • Knowledge Strong Inc

    Nice job ladies!

  • Amie

    This article is so awesome and so motivational! I feel like I will never be out of debt and I don’t have half of the debt that some of these women have. If they can be smart and disciplined and pay off thousands and thousands of dollars worth of debt, so can I!! Thank you to all who shared.

  • Lissy

    This was awesome! It really was inspiring and humbling to read.

  • Peekstar

    I paid $45,000 in 2 years. Combo of living with my parents and generally living frugally. Pay off debt with largest interest rate first! And I spent about 75% of my income paying off my debt each pay day.

  • Lisbell77

    I paid off around 18,000 of consumer loan debts in 11 months….I had around 11k or 12k in credit card debt, and  6k in a car loan. I also managed to save around 20k.  It was hard, but it was amazing when I was making progress so all began in january and me and my girlfriend were asking ourselves where our paychecks go each month….I put myself on a strict cash budget of 100 per week to cover groceries and going out expenditures… freed up so much cash during the month. I first paid off the car note, which was 369 per month, then i combined that payment towards the credit card..I now live credit card free now, and am a loyal saver! Its changed my life for sure! I love it.  Just because you may have money doesn’t mean you should spend it! Be smart with what you have! this is what I learned.

  • LivsMom

    Thanks so much for this article!  It is very inspiring but it does seem to focus on single, or newly single, women mostly.  
    I wish there were some stories in this or a similar article from young married couples, perhaps even with a new baby, who also conquered their debt.  That would be a huge help to me and my situation as my husband and I are married 3 years and now have a beautiful 1 year old (surprise!) daughter.  We were in debt before our daughter was born and my husband was still in school at the time so aggressively paying down our debt was a challenge since he wasn’t bringing in a full time paycheck.  He has since graduated (yay!) but his new student loans, and our daughter, only increased our monthly bills and total debt by over $25,000.  It’s been very hard, to say the least, and I’d love to hear how other couples are managing similar situations.  The info posted here is still appreciated.  Thank you again!

    • Mose Newthing


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