Do You Have a ‘Work Husband’ at the Office?


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We’ve all been there. We’ve found ourselves bonding with a person of the opposite sex at work, whether it be complaining about the boss to each other, or sharing a secret laugh over your cubicle mate’s unfortunate music choices. But if you’re already in a relationship, can having a “work husband” threaten your at-home relationship? Where should the line be drawn? Should the relationship stay at work or is it okay to get après work drinks together?

Here are five things to consider while maintaining both a “work marriage” and an actual relationship at home:

1. Is having a “work husband” okay?

When it comes to sharing day-to-day highs and lows, should you be going to your partner, or is it healthy to share it with your male counterpart at work, who can relate to your experience?

Dr. Jenn Berman, relationship expert and host of VH1′s Couples Therapy, says it’s very normal for adults to build alliances in a work environment. But be aware that you’re forming this close relationship for a reason. “The problem isn’t with the relationship, it’s that your personal relationship with your partner can have holes within it that can leave you vulnerable to other connections,” says Dr. Berman, adding “If there are holes in your relationship, having a work [husband] can lead you to having an emotional affair.”

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  • workerBee

    I really detest the phrase “work husband”.  The fact that someone would use that to describe someone at work seems like an issue to me.
    As an engineer, I have supportive friends at work who do happen to be male and married, but I would never classify them as “work husbands” just like my female coworkers are not “work wives”.

  • All star Tutoring

    you are all slaves – 9-5s are for suckers –   

    • Snip Dawg

      and you are a lazy gen Y’er raised to take handouts, proud?