8 Signs Money Is Coming Your Way

8 Money SignsSometimes the stars are aligned just right: You're running late to a meeting, and the bus comes just in time; you didn't know that the sandwich place doesn't take credit cards but find ten dollars in your pocket; the weather clears up 30 minutes before your barbecue is scheduled to start.

While we don't recommend hinging your finances solely on luck (unless you're like this unusual mother/daughter pair), an unexpected windfall or bonus wouldn't hurt.

Could You Have Unclaimed Cash?

Don't rely on luck to find out!

To help you forecast when Lady Luck will be in town, we've compiled a list of eight unusual signs that good fortune is around the corner. (Want more money superstitions? Check out our list.)

You're going to start treating brown spiders a whole lot better ... click on the first image below to start the slide show. And for even more good luck, there's a giveaway at the end!

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  • SarahKunstman

    Also if your palm itches, you have money coming your way!

    • http://olympiahoops.com olympiahoops

      Yes, the itchy palm! I keep getting that, where’s my money?! lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Susan-Bewley/100000644207137 Susan Bewley

    Awww….it’s old wives tales :(

  • http://twitter.com/kendallcorner kendallcorner

    How stupid of me to assume that a financial site for women would be good enough to be taken seriously. The bootcamps were pretty good even if they lacked depth, but this crap is worthless.

    • cccme

      I totally agree, it’s disappointing.  Makes it seem like they’re run out of good advice.  This column only makes sense on April 1.

  • http://neatfreakwannabe.blogspot.com Jenna

    Disappointed in this one, LV.  I would MUCH prefer an article suggesting things I can do to improve my wealth rather than ways to read the signs to see if it’s “coming my way.”

  • Julie,

    Its obvious these things are not true and they are superstitions. Its just a fun article. I don’t think you guys are being fair in being so harsh with your comments to LV. Things are really hard for a lot of people right now and this is an article with a more light hearted side. Its intended for a positive purpose, its for fun. LV is allowed to try and lighten things up a little. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1539832958 Toni Larina

    Lol, that was very entertaining. Thanks!

  • William bond

    I’m with Jenna–tell me how I  can make more money in my job, my finances or my spare time business, or how to write a book to make extra money.  I’m not interested in signs of money in the future.  William B.

  • William bond

    I’m with Jenna–tell me how I  can make more money in my job, my finances or my spare time business, or how to write a book to make extra money.  I’m not interested in signs of money in the future.  William B.

  • AshMac

    I had a bird poop right on my forehead in college…I’m still broke.

  • AshMac

    I had a bird poop right on my forehead in college…I’m still broke.

  • AshMac

    I had a bird poop right on my forehead in college…I’m still broke.

  • XMarkstheSpot

    Did everyone lose their sense of humour? Lighten up people. jesus.

  • Jcat299

    What a stupid article! Where I live, brown spiders are usually brown recluses,  and it means you need an exteriminator NOW.

  • http://twitter.com/hendrey hendrey

    When you play a one-armed bandit, and then you see three clusters of cherries lined up in a row, money is coming your way! When you find yourself with an aching back and a great view of the mall ceiling, thanks to the unmarked wet floor, money is coming your way! When you decide that scruples are for schmucks, money is coming your way!  :-)

  • Stacey

    Hmm… can’t say this wasn’t interesting to read. I might have been more intrigued, though, if we looked at what money beliefs or superstitions get in the way of our making smart financial choices. Maybe in a future article?

  • Amira

    the bugs thing has totally been happening to me all summer! crickets all the time coming in our apartment and we’ve had lots of spiders! grasshoppers always outside our doors! but, then it is summer. . . so the grasshoppers thing is normal.

    but, are going to soon be moving to live in with my parents so my husband and I can finish college. we recently had our car totaled and used insurance check to fix it. well, the bank that has our car loan is the leinholder. we were planning on using the rest of the money from the check to move, but apparently the bank gets any insurance proceeds and we have to use the money to pay down the loan.

    so, my husband came up with the idea of having us get new tires and get the traction fixed on the car (the light keeps going off on the traction system). our banker agreed to use money from the insurance proceeds because it would raise the value of the car. so, after we do that, the rest of the money will be used to pay on our car loan.

    then, we are going to cash out our IRA (and unfortunately take a penalty on it) and use the rest of the money to pay off the rest of the car loan. that way, we will OWN our car before we move. we will also use the money to pay off back-rent and other bills we need to take care of here before moving.

    that way, we won’t have to worry about anything we owe in the current state we live in. AND our credit score will go up because we will have the car loan paid off. on top of that, our insurance payments will go DOWN because we will own our car.

    we hope to get jobs as soon as we can when we get there. for now, my husband will be claiming unemployment and we can use the money to pay off on my credit cards & to help my parents pay bills.

    so, just when we thought we wouldn’t be able to move for a better future, life threw us an life-preserve!

    the only bad thing is that we will have to start saving up for retirement from scratch, but we will be close to being debt-free!

  • Guest

    I think that I am looking for a website for women that will help us out by teaching us the strategies that men already know. A website that will help women get ahead in the game financially, a website that will help us learn about how to buy a house, teach us the difference between mutual funds and stocks, etc… I am at the point where I think you are just writing anything for the sake of just writing anything. I already have enough emails and spam in my in-box…If I want to be entertained, I’ll watch a comedy on TV; if I want to learn about taking charge of my financial life, I guess I’ll have to go somewhere else…

  • Geodome3

    We are such a nation of whiners and the offended. Come on get real. If one doesn’t like it do not continue to read. Offer constructive criticism! Why do we feel the need to constantly show our “superiority” is beyond me!

  • Smartinez62708

    I like the first one, I was born 8/8/88 and I often feel very lucky and seem to have “good fortune”.