Kardashian Sisters Sued For $75 Million Over Canceled Kardashian Kard

Libby Kane

Life may move at warp speed for the ever-enterprising Kardashian sisters, but it looks as though someone is finally trying to slow them down. The women, along with their mother, are being sued by the Revenue Resource Group, which had facilitated the MasterCard/Kardashian “Kardashian Kard” this past fall.

The Card That Was.

The card (Kard?), adorned with the faces of the sisters, was meant to be marketed to teens, who would presumably find a portrait of the reality stars impossible to resist. Keeping that market in mind, it was a prepaid debit card that allowed parents to limit the spending of their offspring—no splurges at Dash for them.

Fees, Fees, Everywhere Fees.

Yet the project came under almost immediate fire for its host of hidden fees, which tacked on at least a dollar for nearly every transaction, plus more… much more. (For a complete list of the fees, check out The Consumerist.) To detach themselves from a project attracting only negative press, the family abandoned their two-year contract. Now the Revenue Resource Group is pressing for $75 million in lost revenue and for reported negligence on behalf of the sisters during promotional events for  the card.

Who Takes The Blame?

While the Kardashian Kard gave the impression of controlled spending by being a prepaid debit card, a card user would likely be spending more on the actual card than on her purchases. We have a strict fee-avoidance policy, whether in real estate, credit cards, or ATM withdrawals, and the chaos surrounding the Kardashian Kard proves that we’re not the only ones. While it may be giving the Kardashians too much credit, we can’t help but wonder: Who is at fault here for targeting teens with a card bathed in fees? MasterCard? The family? The Revenue Resource Group? What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    The Revenue Resource Group cast themselves in a pretty bad light, pursuing “lost revenue” from what everyone can see is an exploitative card. Interesting that MasterCard is staying out of this mess.

    • JJR

      Please. The Kardashians were geniuses to extricate themselves from the situation. They have a lot of business savvy, and I don’t think for a second they didn’t know what the card was about.

  • Sheila

    I find it hard to believe the Kardashians didn’t know about this before hand. Even if the girls themselves didn’t, shouldn’t their lawyer have reviewed everything before they signed the dotted line. I can’t blame the company for suing them, even if the fees are outrageous. l guess this is a lesson to everyone to read before you sign.