Stain Removal to Leather Repair: Mend Your Clothing With These Easy Tips


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      • Guest

        Good idea but I’d prefer something I can print out. Am I goign to reach for a slideshow when I need to fix something?

        • Marnie

          True — a quick tip sheet would be super helpful. Maybe a PDF link included in the story that we could print out and hang near the washer?

      • Juno

        How much does the average person spend on dry cleaning in a year?

      • LoveLV

        Thanks LV! This is great!

      • Cooperobin

        Also, if you drop food on your clothes (machine washable clothes…), use Dawn dish soap to get it out. It lifts grease and takes even things like olive oil out of fabric. :)

        • Casey

          What a good tip! I’m always trying to figure out how to lift tough stains.

      • Casey

        Does anyone have tips for getting color transfers off of leather bags? My jeans always make my bags turn blue!

        • Boots1807

          They must be really cheap jeans or something — I’ve never had that happen. Usually when color is bleeding you can stop it by running the offending garment through the wash once or twice.

      • Junky05

        didn’t love this one, LV, sorry. the info wasn’t really special and I figure I can just google to find any of those solutions. and I agree with the comment that the slideshow is a very weird medium for this info, esp a slideshow of corny stock photography. sorry, I usually love your stories, LV – you can do better than this!

      • Anonymous

        GREAT tips Allison! As I’m a complete klutz these will come in very handy! Anyone have any good tips that we missed?nCheers,nCaroline WaxlernLearnVest’s Chief Content and Community Officer

      • Judy

        Dye transfer on leather can be fixed with the use of a Jean & Dye Transfer Remover kit. It can be prevented by using a good quality leather protector like Ultra

      • Elissa Burton

        Great ideas Allison! My make-up is always destroying shirts with white collars all the time.