We Asked LearnVesters If They Would Purchase A J.Crew Or Ann Taylor Wedding Dress…Would You?



The picture-perfect wedding of little girls’ dreams usually focuses on one main (namely white) item: the dress.

While most brides would agree that it’s important to feel beautiful that day, many also admit that they don’t have to spend that much money on a dress to be worn once. We are on a mission to find dresses that meet both your style and budget standards.

Yesterday we asked LearnVesters if they would consider buying a J. Crew or Ann Taylor wedding dress. Our faithful readers responded via Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, and we wanted to share some comments with you.

@suziesavings tweeted, “Ann Taylor is so good with petites…I can imagine that when the day comes, I’ll consider shopping with them!”

@CPierceVT told us that her friend’s bridesmaids wore “perfectly elegant” J. Crew dresses with clean and fresh silhouettes.

On Tumblr, however, LV reader A Bit Of Silliness agreed that the dresses were beautiful, but that they were way beyond her budget. And The Deepz told us that she’d be willing to spend that amount of money on a wedding dress if it didn’t make her nauseous.

Do you agree? What do you think about these styles? Is the price right? We’d love to hear what type of dresses you’d be willing to buy for your wedding day!

Check out the LV Checklist for budgeting a wedding and find out just how much a wedding actually costs!

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  • Dreamweaver2040

    I bought my wedding dress for fifty bucks on eBay. It fit perfectly, and I looked AMAZING, if I do say so myself. Was the glow from being in love or being smug about spending $50 on the most important dress of my life? I'll never tell. ;)

    • Raanah

      Great comment! Made everyone here at LearnVest smile :)
      - Raanah from LearnVest

  • Treschic32

    After reviewing the dresses Ann Taylor and J. Crew had to offer, I defintely would not purchase a dress for either bride or bridesmaid there. I find the style lackluster and tacky. Finding a wedding dress for a bargain at a bridal shop can be stressful and time consuming, but well worth it in the end. Half those dresses make the waifish models look like zombies. There's no classic cut, style or feature to make a bride look beautiful. Ann Taylor and J. Crew should just stick to their normal clothing lines and leave the bridal dresses to the professionals.

  • Silvester Crichton

    i love the wedding dress very much,i want to know where you buy it.I’m currently searching for a wedding dress online. I’m looking for a dress that has a little bit of color in it, i searched online in websites such as 58weddingdress.com 58bridesmaid.com , but alot of users got alot of complaint.
    is there any trusted website that i can buy my dress from? i’d also prefer if you already have dealt with this website.
    ps: i don’t live in USA